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Matic Industrial Services Ltd.
The plant was established in 1979 in Tiszaalpár as a subsidiary of MMG – Automatika Művek. Since 1992, it has operated as Matic Ltd., and since 1998, it has functioned as an independent subsidiary of Horváth Holding Befektetési Zrt.
Initially, the main profile was the production of instrument panels for Eastern European passenger cars, followed by the production of our own designed and manufactured cash register drawers, cassettes, and safes for the commercial sector. Over the years, the company has been keeping up with continuous technological development, successfully presenting it since 2002. Thanks to technological advances, we have become suppliers to most industries, equally in Hungary and throughout Europe.
The increasingly powerful information systems in industrial manufacturing also prompted us to join the systems of the largest European companies. In 2012, we introduced an enterprise resource planning system for the entire company. In 2020, we took another step towards the iERP intelligent enterprise resource planning system, which combines enterprise resource planning and business intelligence systems. The division of production planning into multiple phases allows us to estimate the necessary capacities and cooperative needs in advance. The rough and fine planning levels facilitate production by optimizing resource utilization and preparing for appropriate procurement (raw materials, labor, tools). The reconfigured bill of materials can handle even the most complex manufacturing processes, no matter how complicated they are. The optimization and scheduling of production processes significantly improve our competitiveness.

Territorial Information

The total area of Matic Industrial Services Ltd. is 15,000 m2, of which the built-up area is 5,000 m2. The areas are divided between two locations, in the center of Tiszaalpár and on the outskirts of the village, only 1.6 km apart.
Matic Ltd. - area 1.
Matic Ltd. - distance between locations
Matic Ltd. - area 2.



Matic Ltd. - DVN-GL ISO 9001
Matic Ltd. - EMT ISO 9001
Matic Ltd. - NQA ISO 9001
Matic Ltd. - EMT ISO 14001
Matic Ltd. - NQA ISO 14001
Matic Ltd. - TAM CERT ISO 3834-2

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May 1991

Matic Kft - MMG-AM privatizációja

Privatization of MMG-AM

May 1991


Matic Kft - Kelet európai gépjárművek műszerfalainak gyártása

Establishment of Matic Ltd., production of instrument panels for Eastern European passenger cars


Matic Kft - A cég magyar tulajdonba került

MMG-AM relocated the entire sheet metal processing activity to Matic Ltd., which became 100% Hungarian-owned



Matic Kft - Piacvezető CNC lézervágó gép

Purchase of the market-leading CNC laser cutting machine and implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system


Matic Kft - Két méteres élhajlító gép

Commissioning of a 2-meter Amada press brake



Matic Kft - Három méteres élhajlító gép

Commissioning of a 3-meter Amada press brake and purchase of a stamping machine


Matic Kft - Stanc gép megvásárlása

Purchase of the first Trumpf stamping machine



Matic Kft - Ponthegesztő gép

Commissioning of a spot welding machine with a wide range of technological features, expansion of the stamping machine park and procurement of Haeger-type fastener insertion presses


Matic Kft - Két méteres élhajlító gép

Integration of another 2-meter Amada press brake into our production



Matic Kft - Géppark bővítés

Further expansion of our Haeger machine park, installation of a welding robot cell at Matic Ltd.


Matic Kft - Hegesztő robot cella

Investment in an ABB welding robot cell in our welding department



Matic Kft - Kombi gép gyártásba adása

Introduction of the Trumpf Combination Machine, which simultaneously uses stamping and laser technologies, and full integration of enterprise resource planning system


Matic Kft - Vállalat irányítási rendszer teljes integrálása

Full integration of enterprise resource planning system into Matic Ltd.'s processes



Matic Kft - Élhajlító gép

Expansion of our press brake department with a cone-type press brake, construction of a second facility for Matic Ltd.


Matic Kft - 2. telephely építése

Construction of a second facility for Matic Ltd.



Matic Kft - Lézervágó gép

Acquisition of additional Trumpf laser cutting and stamping machines


Matic Kft - Panelhajlító gép

We added a Salvagnini panel bending machine to further diversify our production



Matic Kft - Csőlézer vágó gép és 320 tonnás élhajlító gép

We installed a Durma HD-TC tube laser cutting machine and a Durma 3-meter 320-ton press brake to expand our technological coverage


Matic Kft - Sideros 2 állásos lemeztároló torony

We increased our sheet metal storage capacity with a 2-position Sideros sheet metal storage tower and further strengthened our metrology capabilities with the acquisition of a Hexagon measuring arm


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